So you wanna give us your money, eh? Good on you. This podcast, while requiring only a modest amount of talent, is not completely free to produce. However, the regular weekly episodes are and will remain free for everyone to enjoy. In order for us to keep providing this invaluable (because it's free) service, and in addition to the ongoing hosting and domain charges that we foot ourselves every year, we occasionally need to replace an audio cable here or a set of headphones there. Equipment in the dozens-of-dollars range doesn't exactly hold together forever, and we've been at this for more than four years. You can imagine the carnage we've already seen. That's where you come in, loyal (and hopefully loaded) listener.

See that shiny, orangey button below? Looks like a piece of candy, doesn't it? It probably tastes like tangerine, or maybe an orange creamsicle. If you lick it... er, CLICK it, you can donate as little or as much as you'd like. Or none at all. It's completely up to you. If you choose to help us out, you'll be joining an (hopefully not too) exclusive club. Such memberships in general usually come with some swag, and we don't want to disappoint. So we went and made (or are still making, depending on when you're reading this) some extra Bonus Episodes for those who participate in the Beg-o-Thon by donating. We'll email you with links that you can use to download MP3s of the Bonus Episodes when the Beg-o-Thon is over, plus any instructions or additonal information we'll need to fulfill donations at $10 or above.

NOTE: The email address that you provide, or that is linked to your Paypal account, will be the email to which your Bonus Episodes and further commincation are sent.


  • I Want My Two Dollars!

Donate at least $2 and get the first two bonus episodes. You’ll receive download links at the end of the Beg-o-Thon.


  • I Don’t Know if It’s Worth Five Dollars, But It’s Pretty Fuckin’ Good.

Donate at least $5 and get five bonus episodes. You’ll receive download links at the end of the Beg-o-Thon.


  • Say These Words, Podcast Monkey!

Donate at least $10 and get five bonus episodes PLUS you can force Mike and Craig to say things on the show. Pimp something of yours. Shout out to friends or loved ones. Total gibberish. You provide a script or just give us an idea and we’ll improvise. A minute or two long, maximum. Keep it PG-13 or easily bleepable. Nothing incriminatory or inflammatory. Mike and Craig reserve the right to re-write your script, so don’t make us do it. You’ll receive download links at the end of the Beg-o-Thon for the episodes. We’ll also contact you to request what you want us to say on the show.


  • Super-Bonus Extra-Best Prize

The highest donation (excluding regular guests) gets all five episodes and the whole “force Mike and Craig to say things” stuff. PLUS, Craig will design a two-page micro-RPG based on your idea(s). You’ll receive download links at the end of the Beg-o-Thon for the episodes. We’ll also contact you to request what you want us to say on the show. And Craig will contact you to discuss the RPG ideas.


Here are the bonus episode descriptions, so you can decide which one you'll listen to first!



HEY! There aren't any descriptions down here!!! What gives, you douchebags?!?

Well, of course there aren't any descriptions yet. We're still recording! In the meantime you can bookmark this page and come back on whatever day us two douchebags told you to in NerdBurger 215. Have a nice day :)


What are the donation levels?

$2, $5, $10, or whatever you want. See "DONATION LEVELS" above for detailed information about each.


How do I donate?

Click the shiny "Donate" button on either this page or the main page. It will take you to a Paypal form where you can type in exactly as much or as little as you'd like, either through your own Paypal account or just with a credit card.


I donated to your crappy podcast to make it less crappy, now how do I get my Bonus Episodes?

First of all, thanks for helping us try to make it a little less crappy. As to your question: you will get links to direct downloads of the bonus episodes from Dropbox at the email address that you provided when you made your donation. If you donated through your Paypal account, the links will be sent to the email address on your Paypal account. If you used a credit card, the links will be sent to the email that you provided at that time.


How "exclusive" are these Bonus Episodes anyway? Will you ever make them available for free? Why shouldn't I just wait until then and keep my money?

Settle down there, Chester! That's a lot of questions all at once, jeez. We suppose that we reserve the right to make them available at some point. But don’t count on it. As Craig likes to say, “no promises.” Did that answer your multitude of questions? Oh yeah... if you hold on to your money, then ALL of the episodes will remain crappy. That much we do promise!