Blogging, Blogging, Blogging...

I haven't posted here in a while.

Here's the deal regarding the podcast. Things are going well. I'm very happy with how the episodes have been turning out. The guests have been fun. The fun has been plentiful.

I'm not sure how often I'll blog here, but I WILL be blogging elsewhere. I've mentioned a few times on the show that I'm designing a small-scale tabletop RPG titled "Murders & Acquisitions." I'm sure I'll touch on it occasionally on the podcast, but won't be going into a great deal of depth on the design process, since that's sort of a niche thing that wouldn't interest that many people.

Instead, I'll be blogging about my design work on "Murders & Acquisitions" at New World Alchemy, a website run by regular guest Dave. I'll post there roughly once per month for the foreseeable future. My first post is up.

Even if you're not interested in my game design stuff, there's other stuff to be read and enjoyed at New World Alchemy. Dave posts regularly to update people on his thoughts on board game design as well as to discuss the design of board games he's working on. And, he plans to have other guest bloggers on the site in the very near future.

So check it out. I triple dog dare you.

Three Month Retrospective

Hey, look at us! We've been at this thing for over three months and have put an episode up every week for that time. Kudos to us and our guests for making this thing happen.

I find myself taking a bit of time to reminisce about the past three months of podcasting. We've managed to not "pod-fade." We've managed to keep our podcasts mostly relevant to our intentions to provide a fun, nerdy discussion of our various nerdy proclivities. We've managed to deal with the occasional audio problem and make the podcasts worth listening to.

And we have a bunch of good stuff in store for the coming months. We'll have a few special guests in the next few weeks. And, our regular guests will be coming up, too.

I've taken some time recently to listen to several of our previous episodes and have determined that we're actually getting GOOD at doing the podcast thing. Mike and I are gelling together nicely as a "host duo." We've found our footing and are working well together. Recent podcasts are smoother than the first ones. All in all, I'm very happy with how NerdBurger is going.

We hope to record some bonus episodes in the near future...smaller tid-bits of podcasty goodness that will likely just feature me and Mike discussing topics that don't necessarily warrant a full segment on the actual podcast with a guest.

And, we hope to put some of our early "test-recordings" up as fun, little snippets that will give you a "behind the scenes" look into how we got NerdBurger going. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to do this thing, and there's some comedy gold in there...somewhere.

Wish us luck.

And...Spread the Nerd.

Audience? What audience?

Mike and I have no real way to gauge how many regular listeners we have for the podcast. We assume most of our close friends and regular guests listen fairly regularly, so there's maybe 20 or so people there.

We did some extrapolating from the "unique visitors" info reported to us for our website. Some (very) conservative estimating leads us to believe we have maybe 60 or so regular listeners. Could be higher. Could be lower.

I've recently created a Feedburner account and tagged our RSS feed into the Feedburner tracking thingie. Though, I created the Feedburner account after the most recent no "subscribers" are listed just now. A new episode will go live tomorrow (Episode 8, with Jason Bulmahn, lead designer for the Pathfinder RPG). Jason's gonna pimp the show with his Facebook fanbase. Hopefully we'll see an uptick in subscribers reported by Feedburner once Jason helps bring us some new listeners.

But only if I actually formatted things properly in my Feedburner account. Here's hoping that I actually did things right.


An Eventful Day

Today was an eventful day in NerdBurger Studios.

We recorded two episodes in order to get ahead of schedule for when I'm unavailable to record in a few weeks. We had our first significant snafu in recording an episode (audio goof...oh well...lesson learned). I did a bunch of follow-up work on promoting the podcast. And I finally secured a particular topic that I've been wanting to hit on for a soon-to-be recorded episode. We've tried to include this topic twice previously, but everyone was on a roll in both previous episodes, so it got bumped.

Scheduling Time...Again.

I scheduled guest hosts for our first twelve episodes at the outset of our little podcast endeavor. It was quite the undertaking, requiring coordination of the personal schedules of both Mike and myself, as well as all of our regular guests (we're hoping they'll all be regulars), and one special guest (who will be on the podcast in early May).

I've just sent out a scheduling request to our first four guest hosts to schedule them for their next appearances. Here's hoping this scheduling process will be easier than the first go-round.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how things have been going. Mike tells me we've gotten a good number of unique hits on the webstie (including on the episode pages), which is the only real metric we have right now for what our audience size is shaping up to be.

NerdBurger is still in its infancy. As we move forward, we'll be doing everything we can think of to increase our audience. While it's fun to record these episodes, it's just audio masturbation if no-one is listening.

So, dear listener, if you've enjoyed NerdBurger so far and have rambled to this blog post, do us a favor. Share a link to the podcast with your friends and family.

And thanks for listening.

Episode 1 is Live!

The inaugural episode of NerdBurger went live yesterday. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Lots of good, nerdy talk was had. My thanks to Matthew, who brought a great bit of Jetsons awesomeness to the first episode.

I also offer my thanks to my podcast partner, Mike. A few months ago, he said all I had to do was "bring the funny." I like to think I've done that so far. However, Mike is the guy who edits and posts the episodes and he did a great job for our first episode.

Here's to the future of NerdBurger!

Scheduling Underway

I figure now is as good a time as any to get into the habit of blogging for NerdBurger a bit.

Scheduling of our regular guests is underway. I sent off a LONG email giving them the lowdown and will begin scheduling in earnest in a couple days. Most of our regular guests are friends of mine that I know from gaming, though some aren't gamers. They all have varied nerdy interests, so we won't all be talking gaming all the time. Mike has at least met most of them, but doesn't know some of them as well as I do.

I'm sure we won't be able to schedule regulars for all of the recording slots we have moving forward. So I'll be contacting what we're calling occasional guests when I see what slots we have yet unscheduled.

It'll be interesting to see who I manage to sucker into the occasional slot. To start with, it'll likely be people I know through my freelance writing, old friends who I don't see or talk to regularly nowadays, and people Mike suggests to me that I might not even know. If we, Jebus willing, build an audience, I hope to be able to expand the list of possible occasional guests to even more people.

Wish me luck.