Blogging, Blogging, Blogging...

I haven't posted here in a while.

Here's the deal regarding the podcast. Things are going well. I'm very happy with how the episodes have been turning out. The guests have been fun. The fun has been plentiful.

I'm not sure how often I'll blog here, but I WILL be blogging elsewhere. I've mentioned a few times on the show that I'm designing a small-scale tabletop RPG titled "Murders & Acquisitions." I'm sure I'll touch on it occasionally on the podcast, but won't be going into a great deal of depth on the design process, since that's sort of a niche thing that wouldn't interest that many people.

Instead, I'll be blogging about my design work on "Murders & Acquisitions" at New World Alchemy, a website run by regular guest Dave. I'll post there roughly once per month for the foreseeable future. My first post is up.

Even if you're not interested in my game design stuff, there's other stuff to be read and enjoyed at New World Alchemy. Dave posts regularly to update people on his thoughts on board game design as well as to discuss the design of board games he's working on. And, he plans to have other guest bloggers on the site in the very near future.

So check it out. I triple dog dare you.