Scheduling Underway

I figure now is as good a time as any to get into the habit of blogging for NerdBurger a bit.

Scheduling of our regular guests is underway. I sent off a LONG email giving them the lowdown and will begin scheduling in earnest in a couple days. Most of our regular guests are friends of mine that I know from gaming, though some aren't gamers. They all have varied nerdy interests, so we won't all be talking gaming all the time. Mike has at least met most of them, but doesn't know some of them as well as I do.

I'm sure we won't be able to schedule regulars for all of the recording slots we have moving forward. So I'll be contacting what we're calling occasional guests when I see what slots we have yet unscheduled.

It'll be interesting to see who I manage to sucker into the occasional slot. To start with, it'll likely be people I know through my freelance writing, old friends who I don't see or talk to regularly nowadays, and people Mike suggests to me that I might not even know. If we, Jebus willing, build an audience, I hope to be able to expand the list of possible occasional guests to even more people.

Wish me luck.