Scheduling Time...Again.

I scheduled guest hosts for our first twelve episodes at the outset of our little podcast endeavor. It was quite the undertaking, requiring coordination of the personal schedules of both Mike and myself, as well as all of our regular guests (we're hoping they'll all be regulars), and one special guest (who will be on the podcast in early May).

I've just sent out a scheduling request to our first four guest hosts to schedule them for their next appearances. Here's hoping this scheduling process will be easier than the first go-round.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how things have been going. Mike tells me we've gotten a good number of unique hits on the webstie (including on the episode pages), which is the only real metric we have right now for what our audience size is shaping up to be.

NerdBurger is still in its infancy. As we move forward, we'll be doing everything we can think of to increase our audience. While it's fun to record these episodes, it's just audio masturbation if no-one is listening.

So, dear listener, if you've enjoyed NerdBurger so far and have rambled to this blog post, do us a favor. Share a link to the podcast with your friends and family.

And thanks for listening.