Audience? What audience?

Mike and I have no real way to gauge how many regular listeners we have for the podcast. We assume most of our close friends and regular guests listen fairly regularly, so there's maybe 20 or so people there.

We did some extrapolating from the "unique visitors" info reported to us for our website. Some (very) conservative estimating leads us to believe we have maybe 60 or so regular listeners. Could be higher. Could be lower.

I've recently created a Feedburner account and tagged our RSS feed into the Feedburner tracking thingie. Though, I created the Feedburner account after the most recent no "subscribers" are listed just now. A new episode will go live tomorrow (Episode 8, with Jason Bulmahn, lead designer for the Pathfinder RPG). Jason's gonna pimp the show with his Facebook fanbase. Hopefully we'll see an uptick in subscribers reported by Feedburner once Jason helps bring us some new listeners.

But only if I actually formatted things properly in my Feedburner account. Here's hoping that I actually did things right.