Three Month Retrospective

Hey, look at us! We've been at this thing for over three months and have put an episode up every week for that time. Kudos to us and our guests for making this thing happen.

I find myself taking a bit of time to reminisce about the past three months of podcasting. We've managed to not "pod-fade." We've managed to keep our podcasts mostly relevant to our intentions to provide a fun, nerdy discussion of our various nerdy proclivities. We've managed to deal with the occasional audio problem and make the podcasts worth listening to.

And we have a bunch of good stuff in store for the coming months. We'll have a few special guests in the next few weeks. And, our regular guests will be coming up, too.

I've taken some time recently to listen to several of our previous episodes and have determined that we're actually getting GOOD at doing the podcast thing. Mike and I are gelling together nicely as a "host duo." We've found our footing and are working well together. Recent podcasts are smoother than the first ones. All in all, I'm very happy with how NerdBurger is going.

We hope to record some bonus episodes in the near future...smaller tid-bits of podcasty goodness that will likely just feature me and Mike discussing topics that don't necessarily warrant a full segment on the actual podcast with a guest.

And, we hope to put some of our early "test-recordings" up as fun, little snippets that will give you a "behind the scenes" look into how we got NerdBurger going. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to do this thing, and there's some comedy gold in there...somewhere.

Wish us luck.

And...Spread the Nerd.