NerdBurger 003 - I'm Sensing the Wrong Theme

Craig & Mike welcome guest Ray into the studio to discuss chimps and little people, dead Sweathogs, The Walking Dead finale (SPOILERS!), some D&D history, and nerd-etymology. Or is it entomology? You decide.

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Penn Jillette's story of the chimp and the little person. The first video is all setup, but at least watch it for the hilarious Netflix ad touting streaming and DVD rentals  for only $8.99/month (the video is from 2010). Remember those days? I still do, you Netflix asshats.

Chimp story, part 2. 

Yes, Horshack was in Friday the 13th Part VI. We lost both he and Epstein within weeks of each other last summer. Barbarino will, unfortunately, probably live forever in faithful service to Lord Xenu.

Check out loads of classic Dungeons & Dragons swag at, and the deluxe original edition that Ray mentioned here at Wizards.

Learn your nerd origins with Dr. Seuss's If I Ran the Zoo , and check out Trent The Douchebag's skewed Wikipedia writeup.

This weeks alternate episode titles were:

  • Defendy Bendy & Bibley
  • Because of Their Little Sausage Fingers