NerdBurger 022 - Speaking of Eating Live People

On this week's episode, Andy returns to avenge the Static Monster but gets distracted by Craig and Mike as the three discuss the Googleburger, Zazzle, Microsoft, insect mind control, dental hygiene, Sniglets, Doctor Who, Bruce Willis, and Hemlock Grove!

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Even the cows are annoyed by this Goggleburger. Googleburger? Whatever.

The answer was "The Freshman".

Order a t-shirt from Zazzle, and maybe get 3 like Andy! Or maybe not. But at least 1 will be the one you wanted. 

Seriously, this really is getting old


Do you remember Rich Hall? Do you like to make up words? Here are some words that Rich Hall made up. Or was it Brad Hall?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Stroganoff with Creamy Sauce
  • Compromise: Tara Reid's Attorney's Chlamydia
  • Free Range Pandaburger
  • Tooth Cheese