NerdBurger 037 - I Really Don't Think it's Fire Ants

On this week's episode the boys are joined by Larry Long Don... er, long-time listener to talk fossilized poop, the Grammar Police Syndrome, extreme ironing & butter sculpting, zomet ISON, and Larry takes us all to the School of (bad) Rock. Also, puppies!

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Ckeck out our Larry's Hello Larry theme song, or watch the entire Hello Larry episode we listened to parts of... parts of to which we listened? Or you can just read about the whole thing here and here.

So it turns out dinosaurs weren't as stupid as we all thought. In fact, they may have invented the latrine. If McLean Stevenson was alive then, he probably would've been in it when it was bombed by the North Korean dinosaurs. Oh, Henry...

Nature may abhor vacuums and straight lines, but it sure likes it some ice circles.

The Grammar Police are coming for you and you can't stop them because they're all "suffering" from a "condition"

Just what the puppies will they think of next? I know: butter sculpting! And yes, it's a real thing.

In case you weren't convinced that music is getting worse... it's been proven by Science! And check out the video over yonder to learn why most of the music you buy today sounds like puppies.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a nice GIF of Olivia Wilde from "Butter". You're welcome :)


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hello McLarry
  • Everything Else is Bullpuppies