NerdBurger 042 - Deep Friar

Craig and Mike welcome James back to talk football, edumication, naked mole rats & chicks in flicks, discuss what they got for Christmas, and pay tribute to the greatest five book trilogy of all time. Grab your towel and don't panic!

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Knock, Knock… What? Have fun with these dumb jokes for kids.

Who's the bestest stadium of them all? Spoiler alert: the one where the home team loses their playoff game.

This is not the worst problem in your schools Chicago, but baby steps I suppose.

There she is, Miss Vertibrate of the Year… eeeeeew!

Do your favorite movies and shows pass the Bechdel Test?

Play the Hitchhiker's Guide text-based game online here.

42 things you should know about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


A special note: today just happens to be, not only Elvis's birthday, but also NerdBurger's! It was on this day in 2013 that Craig and Mike both jokingly emailed each other back and forth about this ridiculous idea of starting a podcast. But because neither would flinch and admit they were just kidding about the whole thing it snowballed into this website and show that has lasted for 42 weeks straight, and the joke is now on all of us.

Happy birthday, NerdBurger (and Elvis)!


This week's alternate episode title was:

  • A Parent Ly