NerdBurger 046 - May it Please the Court

This week Jim emerges from his burrow to talk Kickstarter, Snowmageddon, & beer drones, joins Craig for some Ren Faire stories from the Court of Common Pleas, and sticks around to play NB-QI with a surprise panelist! Also, he sees his shadow. Sorry.

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If you haven't yet backed the Chaosmos Kickstarter, you're TOO LATE. Joey and the gang more than tripled their goal, which means loads of stretch goals were unlocked making it a huge success and, as noted on NerdBurger, it's like they were paying YOU to back their game. Better luck next time.

This week's show was recorded on Groundhog Day. Boo, more winter, boo. No votes here.

Winter done wrong: Atlanta creates an icy real life version of the Walking Dead Season 1 poster.

Winter done oh-so right: Wisconsin brewer awaits clearance from the Feds for drone beer deliveries to ice fisherman.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Colonoscopy Show
  • Thunderdrone
  • Wink-Wink, Dumbass
  • Qualitatively Intangible