NerdBurger 052 - The Anniversary Episode

Join Craig and Mike as they bring the first NerdBurger year to a close with some callbacks and updates, crown another woman as King of the Nerds, finally finish seeing Saws, answer some questions from our guests, and discuss the State of the Podcast.

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Happy anniversary to us! Given that we began the show with some discussion of the Jetsons (thanks Matthew) and the Jetsons are just the Flintstones in the future… here's the Happy Anniversary Song from The Flintstones --->

Cat goes crazy, attacks family, get's arrested, and is snarked about in a police press release.

And just like that, Popcorn Time has shut down. Check out the nana-nana-boo-boo goodbye post from the developers.


And just like that, Popcorn time is BACK! Here is a nice summation about why the service may stick around a little longer.

Speaking of anniversaries, last week saw the 25th for the World Wide Web. Thanks, Tim Berners-Lee!


So, just how did two dorks like Craig and Mike figure out how to produce and distribute a podcast anyway? Good question. They Googled it!

Dan Benjamin's Podcasting Handbook, based on his journey to date setting up and running the 5by5 podcasting studio. This guide wasn't online last year when we went a-searchin', but his previous one was.

This guide lays it out most closely to what we ended up doing at NerdBurger Studios.

And here's a little help we found on the software side.

And head on over to this page to watch Mike very slowly assemble a list of podcasting equipment and software (DISCLAIMER: page may or may not actually have anything on it yet).

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Ejaculating Camel
  • NerdGasm