NerdBurger 053 - Tales from the Cadaver Lab

This week the guys welcome Mike's sister Lori to talk crazy cats, selfie head lice & bad 70's theme songs from <your city here>, Lori shares her lab horror stories, Craig brings Mike a gift and immediately regrets it, and everyone gets the Measles!

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"Cat whisperer" (that's a thing?) Jackson Galaxy (that's a name?) to visit crazy Oregon cat. Yes, you can absolutely expect a followup when this episode of "My Cat From Hell" airs.

American Horror Story: Carnival. Yeah, that won't be weird or anything.

Burger King to start taking your order via mobile app. Yum!

Just because it's popular doesn't mean we should be encouraging it. We expect more from you, Mapple. Especially not when THIS happens!

If you grew up in the late 70's/early 80's and thought your hometown was special, you were wrong. Listen to this totally unique song from Milwaukee. And Atlanta. And Nashville, Calgary, and Pittsburgh!

Got Measles? Before blaming your idiot parents send some hate this guy's way. Then head on over to Jenny McCarthy's house and kick her in the mimsy for your troubles. You're welcome.

Not Lori or her lab. Warning: gross.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Leprechaun Poop
  • Extra-Curricular Cadaver