NerdBurger 057 - It Didn't Give Me The Grippe!

This week Jason joins the boys to celebrate 4/20 by talking beer, scotch ...pretty much everything but Mary Jane... plus Google Glass, Google contacts, iPad addiction, Earth-size exoplanets, extra large 3D printers, & Jason updates us on all things Paizo!

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DId you run out and buy a Google Glass (to then sell on eBay) when they were available 2 weeks ago? No? Good for you, non-Glasshole. Also, this won't happen to you.

IPAD! IPAD! IPAD! (…"tablets" cause your precious children to become ham-fisted tools with no coordination…) IPAD, IPAD, IPAD!!!!11!

Aaand now Google is going to embed cameras in your EYEBALLS. Please, keep giving them your money and personal information so they can create Skynet even faster!

Finally, we can start colonizing the galaxy!

Hey guys, can't tell whether or not you're dumb? Just look in the mirror!

Green Bay Packers fans can now find that certain, special someone to share their cheese and brats. That can be innuendo, or not. Your choice.

Got a ton of cash burning a giant hole in your super nerdy pockets? Loot Crate can help with that.

3D print your next house. The contractor will still find a way to screw it up.

Persons in image are much, much taller than they appear.

Persons in image are much, much taller than they appear.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Thick with Hipsters
  • Michael Bay Dips His Balls in It