NerdBurger 060 - Preoccupied with Penii

On this week's show Curt returns to trade stories of podcast peril, throttling the FCC, spider legginess, vampire science, Android porn, the N.E.R.D., and what's wrong with TV pilots. Also, Curt gets some help with this fall's marching band routine!

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David Lightman, Ferris Bueller, whatever.

What's better than a Sharknado? Firenado. <drops mic>

It really is only a matter of time before something rises up and kills us all.

In the meantime, check out the gams on that spider-babe!

Fistfight? Car accident? Impending sports injury? Go ahead and lean that giant melon of yours into it and become a super-smart freak!

Speaking of spiders... goat spider. Spider goat? Spider Goat, Spider Goat, does whatever a Spider Goat does...

Your brain wants to see Jesus in your toast, whether you've been smacked in the head or not.

The Internet Wayback Machine now has over 400 Brazillian pages!

Enough people are looking at porn on their phones to warrant the creation of this nifty malware gem.

Get a chance to drop $1500 on a Google Glass a few weeks ago. You are a dumbass.

So, this is what happened to Fox Force Five?

First NCIS, now this? No, they're both real.

First NCIS, now this? No, they're both real.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Same Thing
  • Artificianal DNA
  • Douchebaguette
  • I Lost My Gong
  • Smell-O-Cam