NerdBurger 061 - PirateMart

Craig and Mike welcome guest Lisa to discuss plush organisms, Alec Baldwin, pornstar awards, death rays in London, Batfleck, The Americans, Chupacabras, and a Goonies Kickstarter. Plus Lisa NerdBurgers us all on LARPing, and pimps her food blog! YAAARRRR!

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Glassholes soon to be everywhere. Oh, it's still $1500?!? Never mind.

More Cold Water Challenge Darwism.

Plush herpes, anyone? Anyone?

Let's hope this horse has been vaccinated against being beaten to death.

Alec Baldwin is at it again, and this Taiwanese animation sums things up nicely.

Porn piracy! Well, I never...

The London highrise that melts cars is getting its own sunglasses.

Look, it's Batfleck!


Get your Goonies playing cards while they're hot!

Chung chung.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The McLobster Roll was Fabulous
  • Just Like Chicagoans
  • Pop-O-Matic Vampire
  • Trophy Depot
  • LARP-Burger