NerdBurger 063 - I Wonder Where My Thing Is

James joins the boys to talk about their new Food Blog, complain about iTunes & Netflix, check on Abe Vigoda, pretend dinosaurs are real, and get the lowdown on Batman from Jack. Finally, Craig and James compete in a round of Who Googles What Where!

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Bryan Cranston casts doubt on the fate of Walter White. Um... spoilers.

Speaking of bad chemistry...

Google Glass doctor admits it causes severe pain, later tries to walk back comments after Google Goons show up at his house late that night (allegedly). Also, driverless cars. They're Skynet, I tell ya.

Craig would like to tell you that dinosaurs have been brought back to life, while alternately shaking his head "yes", then "no", Eddie Izzard style.

In case you didn't know they were building a Justice League franchise, they went ahead and put it in the name of the new Batman/Superman flick.

OK, so they're not delivering pizza by drone in India commercially. But still... <Homer Simpson hungry noise>

Newegg stomps all over patent troll. We like Newegg :)

Kanye is either full of crap or empty of head. Probably both.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • They Found Something to do with Tina Yothers
  • Watchya Eatin' There, Buddy?
  • Thumbwrestling is Bullcrap
  • Don't Put That in Your Mouth Son