NerdBurger 074 - In the Glass

This week Curt joins the guys to share Onion stories, learn how to steal from Apple and get slower Amazon shipping, admire old ham and even older garbage, ridicule our elder statespersons, and escape on a summer roadtrip. Now, walk ten paces and draw!

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18 year-old finds soulmate in Peshtigo, of course.

One step closer to robot football...

Why is Microsoft suing Samsung? Did you have to ask?

Why is Microsoft pretending it's Windows phones are iPhones? Did you have to ask?

Who else wants to steal from Apple? This guy.

Still want to pay for Amazon Prime but don't want that inconvenient fast shipping? Here, have some video credits.

112 year old ham finds new home. Presumably still has old collar and leash. Wait, what?

Need a ride across the Hudson. Yeah, not in this boat.

The Old West was even weirder and crazier than Hollywood makes it out to be.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Audible Slurping
  • Tongue Action