NerdBurger 075 - Rollin tha Dice wit tha Utah Boyz

This week Andy & Craig return from Gen Con to talk dead celebrities, Starbucks, Adam Carolla, the Spudmobile, driverless Streetview cars, Mythbusters, and tha Gizoogle. Also, Andy & Craig tell us what they did on their summer vacation (hint: Gen Con)!

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There's still time to back the Kickstarters for the Utah Boys' Tanks of WWI, as well as Jason Bulmahn's card game Pirate Loot. Yeeeaaaaarrrrgh!


Robin Williams memorial to be included in World of Warcraft.

Ignorant cheapskate (not an insult - I would have done the same thing) ends hours long feel-good festival in Starbucks drive through.

Adam Carolla settles with podcast patent troll, but remains under gag order for another month. Other litigation is still pending, but Carolla did get the trolls to release a statement indemnifying other podast heavy hitters and thus all us little guys as well. So there's that.

Aged foetus skeleton, mmmmmmmm….

London high-rise that melts streets/cars/people still doesn't have a permanent sun shade. Well, it does take them two years to make three episodes of Sherlock, so...

Who's got the bestest fans in the NFL? Did you really have to ask?

Move over Wiener Mobile.

Cat hacks into wifi, hacks up fur ball, licks own ass, sleeps. Probably.

Google runs over Chilean dog. Mmmmm... chili dog.

Stupid robot car, of course you run over the dumb kid. Duh.

It's all Hyneman and Cabbage from here on out.

Gizoogle. Fo shizzle.

Tha Utah Boyz, yo.

Tha Utah Boyz, yo.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Pardo Me
  • Subscribe up in iShit