NerdBurger 077 - Learn to Run

This week Ray returns with tales of mobile misconnection & neighborly interdiction, and also to discuss The Walking Dead, the un-Amazing Spiderman, un-caring Superman, large sandwiches & packs of beer, dinosaurs, robots, and D&D. Also, farding!

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More Walking Dead! More Walking Dead! More Walking Dead!

More extra beer! More extra beer! More extra beer!

More piles of meat! More piles of… Okay, enough of that.

1.7 Billion dollars. That's with a "B". For a website. That not only doesn't work, but gets hacked and nobody notices.

Device stops Google Glass from transmitting while on public wifi. Possibly exists in a legal gray area, yet fully endorsed by NerdBurger!

Been dead for 65 million years but they're still getting bigger.

No, Twitter! Bad Twitter! Do we need to rub your nose in poo, Twitter?

Robot couch. Never. Get up. Again.

Look everyone, it's a commercial robot not designed for sex!

Terminator mood-HUD for emotionless Glass-wearing serial killers.

Why the DC movies suck.

One classy broad. RIP

One classy broad. RIP

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Contact, This House, Front!
  • Australian Translation