NerdBurger 097 - Kilometer of Kielbasa

This week James returns to talk football, pizza, football field-sized pizza, X-Files & Vacation reboots, Amazon movies, and which hard drive you shouldn't buy this year, say goodbye to Google Glass, and plan to eat a lot of pizza. Did we mention pizza?

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So a bunch of the Green Bay Packers are huge dorks. Who knew?

Speaking of football, whatever happened to the Patriots having cheated their way into another Super Bowl?

More X-Files, anyone? How about Vacation?

Speaking of original content (wait, what?) Amazon is getting into the movie making biz.

Still don't buy Seagate drives, 2014 update: SERIOUSLY, AVOID THE 3TB DRIVES, WE'RE NOT KIDDING.

So long, Glass. Don't let the door stomp on you and break you into thousand tiny pieces on your way out.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Class Four Wood
  • Pizza Roll Pizza
  • Sweet PT Cruiser