NerdBurger 100 - Welcome to ClusterBurger

Put down that Skype headset (ha-ha) and pick up your headphones, it's episode 100! Featuring in-studio guest Michael and Skype guests from around Atlanta and beyond, plus news, reviews, games, and other things! Angry you couldn't participate? So are we!

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Good-bye, Jon Stewart. You had a show, apparently.

Next Valentines Day, instead of not calling in to the NerdBurger show, you can buy this chocolate cornhole for your sweetie to eat.

Not 30th-anniversaried-out yet? Breakfast Club, it's your turn.

The nerdiest small town in America just so happens to be...

Mark Zuckerman finally gives you what you needed most out of Facebook. If you're dead, that is.

And now bacon and eggs covered with cheese and butter are back on the table again, woohoo! Wait, they were ever off the table?

Georgia zoo presides over second ever virgin anaconda birth. Or as Michael put it: Virgin Mary anaconda gives birth to Jesus-snake. Or something.

What do college students want most? What we all have.

Hello, Larry!

Hello, Larry!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Speaking of Humility
  • How to Crucify a Snake