NerdBurger 101 - Walking Peter Dinklage

This week Emily and Cody return in person one last time before heading off to warmer lands. Topics include Cornhole, retro & creepy toys, past & future cars, crazy TV shows, Neil Gaiman, Alien Isolation, and manatees. Also, we announce a listener contest!

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We’re holding a contest to bring one of our listeners onto the show later this year. If you’re interested, here are the guidelines:

Email us at with the subject line “NerdBurger Guest

Write a paragraph or two describing why you want to be a guest on the show. Write whatever you want. It can be funny, sincere, or even heartwarming. It can be the truth or it can be a pile of lies. Anything you think will get our attention.

We’ll accept entries for the entire month of March. Get your entry to us by midnight on March 31st.

Once we have all the entries, Mike and I will choose our favorite and contact you to be on the show. We’ll schedule you based on your availability. We record on the weekends, but are very flexible in our scheduling. We’ll find a time that fits your schedule.

We’ll announce the winner on the first show in April, which should go live on Wednesday, April 8th. The winner’s episode will happen whenever we can make the scheduling work, probably sometime in June.

This contest is not open to anyone who has previously been a guest on the show at any time.

Just what is this Cornhole thing we were talking about?

Ghostbusters the Board Game was funded in 2 days on Kickstarter, so go get yourself one at your leisure.

Got a dead pet, or just want more of the same one without the hassle of $10000 genetic cloning? Try Cuddle Clones!

Hasbro has announced a new build your own lightsaber kit, so you too can make crazy ass Jedi weapons like JJ Abrams.

Questionable reporting from random African nation leaves man with swollen finger, puzzled expression.

As heard on NerdBurger, disaster at Corvette museum has giant, hole-shaped silver lining.

Questionable reporting speculates feverishly about things that will probably never happen.

Emily was remembering this TV show starring Jonathan Frakes, which was born out of this even more ridiculous TV special starring Jonathan Frakes. Aliens. Creepy.

Manatee or potato, fact or fiction?

Manatee or potato, fact or fiction?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Near the Base of the Wang
  • Collapsicle
  • Just Because She Looks Like a Horse