NerdBurger 102 - And the Oscar Goes to Stephen Hawking

This week the guys are joined by not one, but two Skype guests as Dave calls in sick to announce his Kickstarter and Curt dials in from 20 miles east of the 45-90 to say goodbye to Spock & Meep, and talk Alien, color vision, OK Go, Mars and Oscar winners!

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Our guest Dave's Kickstarter for his game Addictive Alchemy is now LIVE. So go back it like we did! You can read even more about it on New World Alchemy as well. Congrats, Dave!

Sigourney Weaver is officially on board for the new Alien movie that pretends the last two never happened.

RIP, Leonard Nimoy. Watch him sing about Hobbits and offend two separate sci-fi/fantasy franchises at the same time. And that's not all... we also lost American Horror Story actor Ben Woolf to a car accident. Unfortunately, he did not have a questionable singing career for us to link you to.

It's always fun when scientists accidentally invent things, like these glasses that cure colorblindness. Want to take the hue test we talked about? Knock yourself out, and see if you can get a perfect score like Dave and Mike.

Speaking of colors (jeez, not again)... Apple helps bring more of it to your emoticons, including black Santa. Now all we need is South Park Santa, and Billy Bob Bad Santa, and...

Study finds that saunas greatly reduce the risk of heart attacks for some. Scientists involved in the study, of course, have no idea why...

45x90 points, for you geography nerds and Poniatowskiites.

You're a Fucking Nerd and No One Likes You. Oh sorry, that's the name of a song. We weren't talking about you.

100 finalists have been named for a one-way death trip to our cold, red neighbor. Would be so much better if they filmed it as a reality show.

Microsoft's Bing predictions engine correctly guessed all the major Oscar winners and most of the rest. They also predict some sporting events... Hmmm.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Check on Chekov
  • Well There You OK Go
  • Do You Know Stanley?