NerdBurger 103 - Rob Two (Face)

On this week's episode Craig and Mike welcome their second Rob to talk celebrity deaths and accidents, The Walking Dead on eBay, skydiving, cats, drive-by eggings, Craig reads from his phone, and Rob blows himself up & talks Murders & Acquisitions!

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Our guest Dave's Kickstarter for his game Addictive Alchemy is now not only LIVE, it's FUNDED! So go back it like we did and help everyone get to those stretch goals!

No surprise this Leonard Nimoy tribute billboard showed up in nerdtastic Atlanta.

Maybe Harrison Ford needs to wear some protective gear and stay close to the ground from now on. We don't want to lose another sci-fi icon.

Speaking of (places near Atlanta that might as well be considered Atlanta by anyone who doesn't live in) Atlanta, Rick (and Carl, and Lori, and zombie-whistle Judith) Grimes', and Morgan (and his dead zombie wife and son) Jones', and a host of other King County (not real) residents' downtown is (still) for sale on eBay. The taxes are quite reasonable.

Google just dropped $25 million to buy the entire .app top level domain, proving that they themselves are the only ones willing to pay for Android apps.

Apple has replaced AT&T on the Dow Jones blue chip index, moving over from tech-centric NASDAQ. How'd that iPhone exclusivity deal work out for you, Ralph? (We kid, we kid.)

Check out that video over, um... wherever it is on this page. That's a guy having a seizure while skydiving. Because skydiving while conscious is for pussies.

Japanese island full of old people overrun by cats. Because, of course.

Seattle woman attacked by drive-by egging, knocked out cold. Hey, Seattle egg guy... that's not very vegan of you.

Not Rob blowing himself up, although Rob probably would have preferred this.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Rob 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Egg Punch: The Eggening
  • Younger and Dumber