NerdBurger 105 - Mitt Romney vs Lazlo Hollyfeld

This week the guys welcome Dr. Lori back to ring in year 3 of the podcast and talk The Walking Dead spinoff, what's popular in Wisconsin, penis enlargement, SXSW, cosplaying on Mars, charity boxing and Sharknado 3. Also, Lori hosts "The Biology Quiz"!

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Our guest Dave's Kickstarter for his game Addictive Alchemy is now not only LIVE, it's FUNDED, and the second stretch goal HAS BEEN REACHED! So go back it like we did and help everyone get to the next stretch goal!!!

And check out the sweet art for our own NerdBurger card! You too can get this card along with the other exclusive cards if you back Addictive Alchemy at the Adept Alchemist level or higher. So GET BACKING!

More details about the Walking Dead spinoff, from the Kirkman himself.

Who likes what in Wisconsin and by how much? Who cares? We do!

Need a new penis? They can do that now.

Tinder users at SXSW were conned by some clever film advertising and artificial "intelligence".

If there's one thing Mars doesn't have enough of, it's cosplay! Wait, no… it's an atmosphere. The correct answer was "atmosphere".

And because we mentioned it, here it is!

Mitt Romney will fight Evander Holyfield (not the recluse guy, jeez) for charity. Again, why not just write a check…?

Sharknado 3 gets a title, a premiere date, and THE HOFF!

Josh McDermitt and Dylan McDermott are not at all the same actor.

Give yourself a bone… quiz.

Go pins! Beat balls!

Go pins! Beat balls!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Comparisoning
  • It was Successful