NerdBurger 107 - Brick Grimes

Larry returns in studio to play This Day in Music History, tackle some NFL schadenfreude, celebrate Easter with Peeps, find something for Burt Ward to do, and recap Season 5 of The Walking Dead (SPOILERS!). Also, we announce our contest winners!

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Congratulations to our guest Dave and his SUCCESSFUL KICKSTARTER for his game Addicitve Alchemy! Didn't get yourself a copy? Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll give you one of ours if we have another contest...

Speaking of contests, congratulations to listeners Jason and Steven! They will be on the show (eventually) to tell us all about their Mad Max LARP group and whatever else they want to talk about, so stay tuned...

Had no idea this was going on when we brought it up: Restoration of what's left of the church where REM played their first show began on the 35th anniversary of said show! Probably while we were talking about it. Happy anniversary RE… oh yeah, they broke up. Never mind.

Poor, poor Jay Cutler. Nobody loves you.

Worst. TV show name. Ever.

Would you like to see the tip, er… the bedroom?

Beer made from Peeps. Not as cool as it sounds.

Amazing Peeps facts. Or some not so amazing. Probably most are not amazing.

Disgusting Mystery Peeps are outed on Good Friday. Good riddance.

Too old and unrecognizable to act in person, Old Batman and Robin to get paid for their voices.

Super Troopers 2 is a go!

The only fictional Craig who is not a douchebag. Happy Easter!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Franks and Beans
  • The Baby is Very Ugly
  • Love the NerdBurger