NerdBurger 115 - A Perfectly Cromulent Episode

This week James joins the guys via a shaky Skype connection to talk emoji, bacon, pizza, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Kermit the glassfrog, insane elevators, fast songs, Simpsons, and Conan the Musical. Featuring guest appearances by everyone in James' house.

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Here are your 2016 emoji candidates. Bacon is a nice addition, but where is the throw-the-goat hand?!?

Speaking of bacon, it's now for vegetarians.

And if bacon on veggieburgers isn't enough, you can now get pizza with hotdog-stuffed crust (if you live near Fresno, that is).

Praise Jebus, we only have to put up with hearing about American Idol for one more season.

Also something about which to be thankful: no reality TV on Netflix or Amazon anytime soon.

Speaking of things you can watch on Netflix, as heard from James, the PBS documentary about Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

Real frog looks like Kermit.

How big is the Andromeda Galaxy in the sky? Bigger than you thought.

Here are 4 ways that future elevators are going to get TOTALLY INSAAAAAAAANE!!!

How fast is your favorite song? Not this fast.

And finally, the 10 words (not counting Okily Dokily!) that the Simpsons made up.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Skype Sucks Balls
  • Emoji Shocker
  • How About the Butthole Surfers?
  • What is Best in Life