NerdBurger 119 - Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

This week the guys welcome their NerdBurger contest winners Jason and Zach for some horse, bear, X-FIles, Ghostbusters, Heroes, robot, crazy cat lady, Netflix, and celebrity prison news, plus our winner tell us all about their local post-apocalyptic LARP!

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Check out the Fallout Nukelanta Facebook page and keep up with all the latest news and game events, and be sure to listen to some sweet punk rock from Zach's band Above Repute.

Not an April Fool's joke: Sarica Jessica Parker is the new "face" of Jordache.

Check out some new photos from the set of the X-Files reboot, featuring Annet Mahendru (hubba-hubba), Joel McHale, and Gillian Anderson's Scully-wig.

Speaking of reboots, here's the new Heroes: Reborn trailer.

Speaking of reboots... (jeez, now the website is skipping too), Ghostbusters (whatever-they're-calling-it) has begun filming.

It's just not a good week for some of Hollywood's favorite blonde leading ladies... now Amanda Seyfried (pr: say'-fred) looks like Gollum, according to some people.

Screech and little Anakin Skywalker have been arrested.

Robot bricklayer to revolutionize the construction industry, be the last thing Craig ever sees.

"Crazy Cat Lady" is now a medical condition.

Man's ankle not tasty, says bear.

Getting your Netflix on at the Marriott: coming soon!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Sarica Jessica Marketing Genius
  • Brick Talk
  • Roswell or Sandy Springs