NerdBurger 125 - Sydney Opera House

This week Josh returns to talk D&D, Game of Thrones (SPOILERS!), X-Files reboot, Mouse teeth, drug drones, wet willies, the new Transformers comic, Disappointing Pines, things in space, and turtle humping. Also, Craig launches his new game website!

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Now that you've heard it being launched, go SEE Craig's new site NerdBurger Games, where you can keep up to date on everything that's happening with the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter!

Oh yeah, some other stuff might have happened on August 9th. Also, some people may have been born.

Are you like Mike (and millions of others) and can't get enough Game of Thrones? Turns out some people are saying that there may be more of it than some other people had said was originally planned. Hooray!

There was more X-Files news. Again. Just bookmark this link already.

You may someday be able to grow yourself some mouse teeth. No, not mouth, MOUSE. M-O-U-S-E. Jeez.

A drone dropped an obvious item into an obvious location. Again.

If you thought mouse-teeth in your mouth was gross, how about homeless guy spit in your ear?

And now, because nobody asked for it, we present turtles having sex:

You're welcome, and Josh is still sorry.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Penultimate Blow
  • This Happens All The Time