NerdBurger 128 - And They Were Married

This week Larry returns with Taco Bell (check out the FOOD BLOG) and talks Star Wars, Einstein, Japanese poop slides & space whiskey, the Plague, and Microsoft. Also, the guys discuss Fear The Walking Dead, Humans, True Detective and… Office Space?

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Anakin is one of the top 1000 baby names. We're only 3 months away from Episode VII, so get used to more stories like this.

Speaking of Star Wars (what did we just tell you?), some brainiacs made some assumptions and simplifications about The Empire Strikes Back in order to illustrate a point about Einstein's theory of relativity.

When children need to be taught about going potty, the Japanese build a theme park ride. Go big or go home, amirite? Also, space whiskey.

There's plague in them thar hills (link to official AP story because screw that other site).

There was a "shocker" joke in here somewhere, but we were too busy getting hung up on cock rings... that didn't come out right.

The Flying Dead? Fear The Flying Dead? Fly The Walking Dead? These are all possibilities, AMC.

Man harasses grizzlies in bear costume, flees scene in car.

Not Photoshopped.

Not Photoshopped.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Prairie-Dogging the News
  • Microsoft Cock Ring
  • Zombie Eddie Haskell