NerdBurger 139 - Inside Track

This week Matt returns to celebrate the successful funding of the Kickstarter for his game Shinobigami, and to talk Netflix, Japanese news of tires, poop, & drones, strange things to buy on Amazon, Deadpool's Halloween shenanigans, and the Oxford Comma!

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Fully funded in 5 hours and "live" on the NerdBurger podcast as we recorded (we couldn't have planned it better if we had tried), it's Shinobigami! Go get yourself some now! And check out Matt and Andy's other games at Kotodama Heavy Industries.


We tried real hard to pretend that we weren't recording a week in advance, so enjoy our "acting".

Our Netflix is still fine, but if yours is getting worse this is why.

Glue-filled tire fixes itself, does not stick to road and kill you (we hope).

Your brain can tell time and distance, even when you're not paying attention.

A Japanese restaurant is selling curry that looks like poo. Whether it tastes like poo is up to someone else to determine, thank you.

Japan's version of the FAA is better than ours.

Just because you can buy these things on Amazon doesn't mean that you should. Except for the Nicolas Cage pillow, of course. Everyone needs one of those.

Watch Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool enjoying his Halloween at the expense of a bunch of children. I like this Deadpool person.

Not the worst job in the world, but still...

Will Fox's new Greatest American Hero be intentionally or accidentally cheesy? Who knows, but they need to get Jason Alexander to sing the theme song.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • There's My Soap!
  • Snuggling Up With Nicolas Cage
  • Less Fisty, More Fingery
  • Funding Goal Sniper