NerdBurger 142 - Quality Ferret Stuff

This week Andy returns to forget to tell a penis joke and talk robot overlords, MST3K, meteor showers, Robert Loggia, hard drives, Cards Against Humanity, & Brazilian trolls (wow, that's a lot of trolls!). Also, Agents of SHIELD & Walking Dead. Spoilers!

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It's official: our cars are too smart.

Speaking of machine intelligence... robots can learn without programming.

Speaking of robots... MST3K is back thanks to Joel Hodgson and Kickstarter, with an all new cast.

Speaking of space... it's time for some meteors.

Speaking of stars... RIP Robert Loggia.

Speaking of... oh yeah, this was where it all broke down. Ahem. Solid state drives will continue getting less expensive, while hard disk drives will breathe helium and store all of your crap that's in the could.

What do 760 pounds of kitty litter, bondage cuffs, and eye surgery have in common?

Brazilian billboards (wow, that's a lot of... ). Sorry. Ahem. A billboard in Brazil is hate-shaming people with their own tweets.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Look Out, it's Florida Woman!
  • R, as in Robert Loggia
  • Hey Siri, Call Agent Coulson