NerdBurger 144 - Whose Line is it Anyway?

This week Jim returns to talk MST3K, zombie science, pizza pizza, bacon brats, & baby piercings. Also, Jim shares medical tech stories, reads some Christmastime Sammy Pepys, & recaps his Rocky Horror stage production. Plus, nobody has seen Star Wars yet!

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So the MST3K Kickstarter was a ridiculous success. Happy watching, MSTies!

And Amazon is bringing back The Tick! Happy watching, um… Tickies?

Mostly fake zombie study fools some people on the Internet

Would you like some pizza on your pizza? Pizza-pizza indeed, little Caesar. Or, how about some bacon on your brat on your pretzel?

Get your baby pierced! Get your baby pierced here! Christmas special on baby piercings!

Ha-ha, just kidding. Happy Festivus, everybody!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Volksidewalken
  • Salted Jabba
  • Spoilers!