NerdBurger 147 - Annamay

This week Matthew and Anna return to talk celebrity deaths, 3D printing, spaceports, Deadwood, scent of a dictator, unauthorized Star Trek, Real Genius, Pac Man, stuntwoman injuries, and Netflix. Also, Anna schools us on Doctor Who & anime, TBH!

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RIP Trapper John McIntyre. BTW (and TBH), the other dead MASH star we couldn't think of was McLean Stevenson, as next week's guest's theme song reminded us.

In addition to internal organs (not pipe organs), giant moon Legos may be 3D printed from moon dust to build bases. On the moon, that is.

Now that NASA apparently does nothing and space is for crazy rich people, the state of Georgia wants to rake in some of that phat Tesla cash by building a spaceport.

HBO to finally give Deadwood a proper movie ending after more than a decade.

You too can smell like a bare-chested, bear-riding, slightly insane Communist pseudo-dictator.

Paramount and CBS don't like it very much when your fan fiction Star Trek movie looks as good as their real one.

Real Genius is probably the best movie about nerds, at least from the 80's. We also feel that it is necessary to again point out that the 30th anniversary was last year. It is a moral imperative.

The creator of Pac-Man was kind of a douchebag in the 80's. A very smart douchebag.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Galaga is The Bomb-Diggity
  • New Who
  • Browsing Position