NerdBurger 149 - InnuAndo

This week Ando returns for a PG-13 episode of euphemistic proportions, featuring such topics as: mountain lion head, hungry worms, personal vibrations, large attractive balls in space, and autoerotic phone booths. Also, sexy beards, D&D, and AndoCon 2016!

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If it seems like it's been less than whole year since the last AndoCon, it's because IT IS! Now, in refreshing new "March" flavor, get ready for AndoCon 2016 (aka: Pando 4)!!, March 11-13 at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center!

Click here to register, and then swing by the Dolly Madison Room (or whatever it's called) and join us all for a live recording of the NerdBurger show Saturday March 12th from 3-whenever.

You know him, you love him, but are you also one of him? Take the quiz to see if you too are an Ando.

RIP, Alan Rickman. And Lemmy. And David Bowie. And Glenn Frey. Jeez.

Idaho hunter "harvests" mountain lion with a second face growing out of its head. In unrelated news, The X-Files is back!

Ever wonder how many gruesome murders (or just regular deaths) have occurred in your house? Now you can know (and never forget)!

Would you eat tofu made from meal worms that ate nothing but Styrofoam? Did you stop reading that last sentence at "tofu"?

Your phone is buzzing in your pocket, even when it's not.

There's supposedly a ninth planet again. If it's name isn't Pluto, I'm not interested.

Sex toy company-sponsored jack shack marketing stunt gets folks riled up. Inspired by an Internet journalist's random Facebook poll, it sure inspired us on this week's show (see below).

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • AndoBurger
  • Sorry Ando's Mom, and Ando's Dad
  • BeardBurger

This week's alternate alternate episode titles were:

  • It Will Probably Be a Soft Cover
  • If You Want to Come, Bring a Friend
  • Shots Fired
  • All Over Your Wifi
  • Asking You Probing Questions
  • Have We Gone Deep Enough?
  • Can We Pull Out Now?
  • Sniff His Beard, Please
  • Take Two Fingers and Rub Them...
  • Massage the Tip
  • Diff'rent Strokes
  • Start at the Base
  • And Move to the Tip
  • Ando's is Bigger
  • Sounds Like Everyone's Excited
  • Bust a Nerd
  • Phrasing!