NerdBurger 160 - Scabby

This week Tim returns to play his Grumpy Old Man character and ridicule marijuana studies, death simulators, cloning, chainsaw drones, and Snake Island. Also, the guys discuss The Walking Dead finale, Tim reviews Episode VII, and nobody cuts any cords!

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Did you know that April is STD Awareness Month? No really, it is.

The NerdBurger Podcast, now with greater N-ness and bigger P-ness.

An international study has determined that pot smoking does all the obvious things we already knew.

China has built an amusement-style "death" "simulator". Those words are in separate quotes for a reason. China also plans to clone cows, people, probably pandas and whatever else they have exclusive rights to over there... Crouching tigers? Hidden dragons?

Finland apparently can't cut down trees fast enough.

Cave paintings to come to life, literally.

Doctors can now fix your achy, breaky heart with stem cells.

Two words: Snake Island. Two more words: No thanks.

Everyone (except Tim) loves the zombie apocalypse, so why not have some appropriate theme music?

Hoarder gets crushed to death under piles of crap. How is this news?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Nap Time For Old People
  • Mini Mimi
  • Check Your Junk