NerdBurger 177 - Herring of the Dog

This week Jim checks in from the Tall Ship Festival to talk Aliens, high tech water parks, flossing & fidgeting, American Horror Story, odd olympic sports, and Sesame Street. Plus, Jim reports on this year's Origins and has breakfast with Sammy Pepys!

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Is Alien 5/New Alien 3 happening or not? Let's let the actor whose character is currently dead decide.

Do people still watch the Sharknado movies?

The government thinks chimera research is okay, but can't tell you whether or not flossing is good for your teeth.

American Horror Story: Going to Live with Those Indians over There.

Fidgeting can prevent heart attacks. Or strokes. Something to do with blood vessels, blah, blah, don't need to exercise, blah, blah.

I'd like to think that this means Brett Favre hates Green Bay and Minnesota fans equally.

As Heard on NerdBurger™: strange and discontinued Olympic sports.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • No Pooping Aft
  • Croatoan This Way