NerdBurger 180 - Complete Misticle

This week Matthew returns to usher in the coming long decline and talk coffee, dogs, space, baseball, medbots, accidental border crossings, pizza, flip phones, and camping. Also, Matthew cuts the cord and tells us what he's been streaming on his TV!

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Sansa, you go gurl!

Sansa, you go gurl!

Now that the gene for caffeine tolerance has been found they're going to figure out how to delete it, right?

Town reelects dog as mayor for third time.

Start saving up for your trip to Earth 2.0.

The Mars simulation in Hawaii is finally over and nobody murdered the architecture student, as far as we know.

Baseball player grand slams in his own car. Neither a sex move nor Denny's takeout.

Brain implants? Mind control?? BUGS??? No, it's not TV's BrainDead... it's SCIENCE!

Drunk Americans literally crash Canada.

Does the drone hover there and wait for you to sign the credit card slip?

Miraculously, some teenagers can use their brains. Maybe there is hope for us after all.

Poop Camp: the opposite of glamping.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Upside Down Burger
  • Hairpin Turn is Coming
  • Testacles and the Sack of Rome