NerdBurger 183 - Nerd Words with Word Nerds

This week Curt returns to talk pudding, toilets, space rocks & rockets, a northern light, new words, word nerds, layovers, earthquakes, and mobile Korean explosives. Also, Curt confesses to cheating on the podcast and tells us what's new in iOS 10!

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Britons compete by throwing one type of pudding at another type of pudding, neither of which are actually pudding.

It's a good thing that Frank Lloyd Wright didn't fall off of one of his buildings, otherwise New Yorkers wouldn't have this gold toilet to poop in.

An asteroid had been named for Freddy Mercury. Apparently the planet wasn't enough.

Jeff Bezos may have rocket envy, while this stuntman is perfectly happy flying his horizontal.

The Paulding Light.

New words!

Here are the English language rules we instinctively know.

Humans may speak a universal language, and dogs may actually understand some of it.

Just how do court reporters type so fast?

Social media fun with your travel inconveniences.

Earthquake near Pawnee. Better get your go-bag out of the vent and task someone with rescuing your desk meat.

And now the Samsung Incendiary Device 7 is illegal. Because it explodes and burns you.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Coldest Bird
  • Calling You by Your Knighthood
  • Brad Pitt's Broken Marria... I Mean, Arm
  • Two Podcasts, One Guest
  • In Curt's Mouth and Down His Throat