NerdBurger 187 - Member Berried

This week Michael returns to 'member stuff about dangerous phones, your expiration date, football on TV, Stranger Things, robots, Alex Trebek, and nerdcore. Also, Michael NerdBurgers us all on things both new and reimagined in today's Star Wars canon.

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The Samsung Note 7 Incendiary Device is dead. Long live the... just kidding!

And in a colossal coincidence of timing, Google just released a phone and a bunch of other stuff to make it easier for them to data mine all of your electronic activity to sell to advertisers. Do you suppose they had anything to do with those exploding Samsu... naw, it couldn't be.

You have an expiration date. No, not the smelly thing in your fridge. YOU.

Is the NFL about to lose it's authoritarian death-grip on television in the cord-cutting era? Let's hope so!

Some of the Stranger Things fan theories that you posted online are actually correct. No, not you. Not you either. No. No. Not you. No. No. No. No... Yes, you!

There are a robot cat and robot dog for old people. Are they really harmless toys, or are they planning to eat your medication?

If you're reading this, Alex Trebek probably thinks you're a loser.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Vote LOUD GUY 2016
  • I Feel Like I Already Knew That