NerdBurger 192 - Full Circle Cow

This week Dave returns to the studio bearing gifts and talks Addictive Alchemy (available now!), stuntwoman, cow, snake, & Rubik's updates, a bad weatherman, and a hungry hooker. Also, Dave pitts Craig against Mike in our first-ever gameshow/news mashup!

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Addictive Alchemy has arrived! Be just like us and go get yourself a whole case direct from Dave at New World Alchemy, or if you're local you can participate in Small Business Saturday this weekend at Titan Games and Comics in Smyrna!

Ed. note: "Full Circle Turkey" has a better ring to it, but we forgot which week this was. Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

Stuntwoman Update (already mostly repaired)

Cow Update (pretend we reported on this previously)

Snake Update (new, much larger snake falling from a different ceiling)

Rubik's Cube Robot Update (much faster, definitely more expensive)

CRISPR Update (or the dawn of the superhuman apocalypse)

Bad Weatherman (not cool, dude)

Hungry Hooker (now that's a cheap date!)

Who is real, Ferris or Cameron? (Craig decided, and his version makes much more sense than this stupid internet theory)

And here are some photos to supplement the "audio unboxing":

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • A River Rat, a Snake, and Twin Pandas Walk Into a Bar...
  • Tsunamis and Stuff
  • Chateau Plateau