NerdBurger 194 - Perhaps More or Less Than That

This week Curt returns to talk time travel, the Murders & Acquisitions movie?, reindeer pizza, Death Star math, testosterone, Billy Dee in Batman and Nickelback in cuffs. Plus, the guys share fun tweets and Curt helps Craig shop for candy canes!

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Mike is a good person in one of these worlds...

Mike is a good person in one of these worlds...

Time travel to the past is possible if there are infinite parallel universes, and monkeys fly out of your butt in each one, or something.

Murders & Acquisitions is already being made into a movie!!! ...sort of.

Reindeer don't want to be pizza delivery guys either.

Reality is all mushy and undefined until we look at it, and then it looks different to each of us, says some guy who likes math.

The Death Star was a boondoggle and a maintenance nightmare. Good thing it blew up. Twice.

Extra testosterone kills prostate cancer by getting it pumped up too much, or something.

Billy Dee Williams, freed up with no roles in Star Wars, will voice Two-Face in the Lego Batman.

Do any of our listeners like quilting as much as Curt does? There are certainly more of you than people who like Nickelback, criminals or not.

Do you like eating wasabi flavored bacon dronwed in gravy with a root beer/orange crush chaser in the form of candy that is its own handle? We've got you covered.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • You Drive the Ship into the Thingy
  • Where the Pinky Goes
  • Renting Miss Daisy