NerdBurger 195 - It Weighed That Much

This week Andy returns with his dad David to talk dead, sick & living celebrities, dinosuar feathers, Apple scent, creepy AI Christmas, and bionic impant updates. Plus, David dishes on science experiments and Craig goes Xmas shopping at the penis museum!

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Elf penis.

Elf penis.

RIP, John Glenn. Nearly dead at the south pole, Buzz Aldrin. And happy 100 to Kirk Douglas!

Sign this petition to have Lucas team up with Spielberg to re-release Jurassic Park with digitally-added feathered dinosaurs!

If Mike hadn't grown up in the same house as his dad, he would know that Apple hardware has a particular smell, now available in candle form.

Creepiest Christmas song ever. And that's saying something.

Guy with bionic penis is "drowning in it", according to a guy with a bionic penis.

And on your next trip to Iceland (talking to Curt, because who goes to Iceland?) make sure you stop by the world's largest penis museum. For everyone else, you can just buy penis-shaped things at their online gift store, that begins with the condom section because Iceland has a terrible overpopulation problem...? WTF?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Marriage ≠ Science
  • So is She
  • And That's Not Offensive?
  • We Also Used to Kill...
  • Ant Martha