NerdBurger 197 - See You Guys Next Year

This week the guys are joined by Murders & Acquisitions illustrator Beth to talk celebrity deaths past & future, more food-health reversals, Slurpee deliveries, decibel-helmets, and the word of the year. Also, Beth tells us all about doing the art!

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Did you like the art in Murders & Acqusitions? If so, you probably liked a lot of what Beth did. Go see more of Beth's awesome art at her website!

RIP Harry Morgan. Again. He died 5 years ago. CRAIG LIES! FAKE NEWS! CRAIG LIES!

And in breaking celebrity almost-death news, Carrie Fisher had a heart attack around the time we started recording. And in real celebrity death news, Henry Heimlich actually died this year at age 96. And MOTHER FUCKER NOW SHE'S DEAD TOO. FUCK.

Beef and pork are good for you again (were they ever...?), so pig-out! Or cow-out. Or both.

Cold pasta is better for you. Reheated cold pasta is even more better for you. Possibly, if you reheated and re-refrigerated your pasta enough times it would eventually contain no carbs. Possibly, that is fake news.

7-Eleven has drone delivery. Oddly, not fake news.

Twin Peaks is getting closer... Twin Peaks are getting closer? Possibly fake grammar.

Woman with "electrosensitivity" to wifi and cell signals is constantly on the move, and wears a special hat to protect her from "decibels"...? Presented as not-fake news.

Merriam Webster's word of the year is not "fuuuuuuuuuuck", but it's fun to pretend that it is.

And as we close out 2016, please enjoy these holiday wishes from Steve Martin, and this stirring rendition of Silent Night from Chewbacca.

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This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Cardiac Events on a Plane (too soon?)
  • Welcome to BethBurger
  • All the Gigs