NerdBurger 199 - Happiness is a Gun-Shaped Bottle of Man Wash

This week Jim returns to report on the triumphant conclusion of his Tiny Tim apeing and talk man wash without science, the Voynich Manuscript, bowling's inevitable decline, roller derby, 2016's last hurrah, and Sammy Pepys' new years Sandy Bergering!

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As Heard On NerdBurger, the Voynich Manuscript. Get your own on Amazon!

The fading glory of bowling.

Seriously 2016, Father Effing Mulcahy?!???

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hands in Muffs
  • Rage Uninstalling
  • Festive Holiday Loaf
  • Because Whiskey is My Middle Name
  • Hate Bomb Backup