NerdBurger 200 - Episode Two Hunnerd

This week Alison makes her official debut to talk Alexa, pseudo-organs, total eclipses, red novas, errors in surgery, riding robots, some things at CES, the brain museum, and Hulu. Also, Mike plops out all things you shouldn't flush down your toilet!

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It's waaahnnerful!

It's waaahnnerful!

You have a new organ in your guts. More guts for everyone!

Start scheduling your total eclipse party now. Something tells us there aren't a lot of hotel rooms in Carbondale, IL.

If you miss not seeing our star, you can watch someone else's two stars collide in another 5 years.

Yeah, but did the hospital charge for the 18-year scissors rental?

Now there's a robot you can ride inside to fight the other robots, or just run away from them. Also, many other things at CES this year.

Peruvian brain museum... it's a thing.

CBS is coming to Hulu, who(lu) is also going to offer a live streaming bundle. Take that DirecTV Now!

16 things you should not flush down the toilet, including one that is repeated twice.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Elusive Alison
  • You Couldn't Just Leave It
  • What the Millennials Call It
  • My Body Tribble
  • What, No Cussing???