NerdBurger 203 - Doggonnit

This week Matthew returns to talk racist architecture, TV, home improvement, kids with tasers, murder in Iceland, basement moose, Anne Heche, and Super Bowl predictions. Plus, Matthew tells us how he became a nerd and everyone uses friendly cuss words!

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Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed. It's OK, you were only going to get to see the first episode anyway. Daggummit, CBS!

A long-awaited decision on ginger emojis has made it to ...wait for it... subcommittee. What the what?!?

Dying teen gets her wish to taser eight cops in the back! Holy mother-of-pearl!

Iceland is stunned after it experiences its first-ever homicide. Gadzööks!

Houses in Idaho come with moosetraps in the basement. Great googley moosely!

A guy you never heard of made a movie that is unwatchable. Story at 11. Jeepers!

Big monkey smashes tablet. No, it's not the winningest Super Bowl coach, for the love of Pete!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Integrated Email and Restrooms
  • Boogersnot Eggsucker Kilmer
  • Let's All Go Inside