NerdBurger 204 - PlandoCon

This week Ando returns to talk Sam'slpode, swaddling, Iceland murder update, taxi farts, piles o' cash, hungry black holes, spectacular snow deaths, and the hands of copywright fate. Also, Ando announces his plan and helps Craig review hackers in movies!

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Samsung is really good at surprise explosives. Everything else, not so much.

Adult swaddling. You go, Japan!

We are Birna. Also, we are mostly unpronounceable.

Faster than a speeding fart!

1/4 of Walter White's storage unit stash. You go, Gilligan!

Black hole has an eating disorder, study days.

Sometimes all the wrong things happen in the right order.

Manos: The Hands of Fate needs your help. Or not, if you really hate it. Whichever.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • PlandoCon 2018: The Savening
  • Tight and Warm
  • Pilot Light of Hate
  • That's Some Rube Goldberg Final Destination Shit